Simple prints of Data Structures and Algorithms

Each print details a common Data Structure or Algorithm on a single page and includes real code, complexity analysis, detailed example, test cases, and discussion. Currently, Prints are available to purchase individually with an upcoming coffee-table style book and consolidated poster coming soon.Programming Prints was made to bring together minimal design with core programming concepts in a way that is both educational and easy on the eyes.Programming Prints make a wonderful gift idea for aspiring software engineers wanting to learn more about common Data Structures and Algorithms in a concise, easy-to-understand way. Likewise, Programming Prints are a good consolidated resource for experienced engineers wanting to brush up on core programming concepts, whether it be for interview prep or fun.Here is a sample of prints from the collection!

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I'm George, a Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon, where I've worked for going on five years total. Prior to my current role, I was a Senior Engineer at Facebook, and before that, the Department of Defense. I enjoy programming, simple design work, and teaching. I've conducted 179 technical interviews while at Amazon, and many more at previous companies. I hope you enjoy reading and studying Programming Prints as much as I have enjoyed building them ❤️

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